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Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, behind the capital Sofia, and is one of the most historic cities in the whole of the Balkan’s.

It is one of the most ancient locations on the planet, being the 6th oldest inhabited city in the world.

No matter how many movies or television programmes you have watched about those ancient times, seeing structures from that period for yourself, can only impress.


VI-th International Touroperator meeting - visit at Park Hotel Plovdiv

 "От името на участниците в VI-тата международна среща на туроператорите в Пловдив искаме да изкажем възхищението и радостта от Вашето топло посрещане, гостоприемство и професионализма, с който ни показахте прекрасния ви хотел.

  Персоналното отношение на младия, ентусиазиран екип докосна сърцата ни. Това е начинът в хоспиталити бизнеса са се случват нещата.

  Благодарим Ви, и ние сме спечелени за Вашата кауза!

  Туроператори от цял свят...

  24.04.2015 г. / град Пловдив


Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019

An international jury chose Plovdiv to be the European City of Culture in 2019. Three other Bulgarian cities - Sofia, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo – had also succeded to reach the last stage of the rivalry to become the host of this event. European dimensions and the city and its citizens - these were the two main groups of criteria by which the jury of international and Bulgarian experts had evaluated the applications.

The official nomination of the Capitals of Culture for 2019 by the Council of Ministers of the EU will be in May 2015.


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